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Ariana was a high-level executive and board member for a multi-million dollar consulting company before starting Ayutopia International, LLC. She has worked for companies with 3,000 to 10,000+ employees, as well as with micro, small, and medium-sized businesses. She specializes in corporate culture development (cleaning up unproductive/ dysfunctional work environments) and employee and executive engagement (enhancing productivity, decreasing burnout, reducing turnover).


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Most of our programs are fully customized to our clients, but if you’re not sure where to start, you may want to consider one of our standard trainings. Ariana is available for keynote addresses, workshops, executive coaching, and corporate retreats.

Download our complimentary report: Corporate Culture Profitability to learn more about how your culture could be harming your bottom line, and discover strategies to increase your retention, engagement, and profitability.

Our Standard Corporate Trainings are as follows:

The Optimized Human™ Workshops

  • These simple, yet transformative programs provide simple strategies to:
  • Optimize your Brain in accordance with current research in neuroscience, neuroplasticity, & epigenetics.
  • Optimize your Mind using proven stress-management, mindfulness, & positive psychology practices.
  • Optimize your Performance through increased efficiency, productivity, & ongoing accountability.
  • It can be customized for the corporate setting focusing on The Optimized Executive or The Optimized Employee and can be presented as a 2-hour, full day, or ongoing program depending on the audience.


The Magic of Mojo® Workshops

MoM-mini logo

  • Topics: practical steps and strategies to regularly and reliably tap into your personal mojo – the creative power within each of us that
  • Results: increased employee engagement, happiness, purpose, productivity, and job satisfaction

Crafting a Values-Based Brand Culture 
(Interactive Workshop)

  • Topics: Internal branding, corporate values, and employee engagement with corporate mission
  • Results: better work environment, increased engagement/ productivity/ loyalty, decreased turnover.

Can’t We All just Get Along? 
(Facilitated Mastermind / Mediation)

  • Topics: Teamwork, communication skills
  • Results: increased communication skills, conflict resolution, more harmonious work environment

Managing Stress in the Workplace 
(Experiential Workshop)

  • Topics: stress management, boundaries, healthy routines & practices
  • Results: increased engagement, happier employees, decreased absence rates

Reducing Burnout with Simple Self-care Practices 
(Experiential Workshop)

  • Topics:  Recognizing burnout and its effects, self-care practices
  • Results: decreased burnout/ turnover, increased engagement


  • Topics:  time-wasters, efficiency strategies
  • Results: working easier, smarter, and with less stress